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Italy (open)


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UNIFORM COLORS: All White or Blue and White

#35 Giacomo Padovani: a solid left-handed handler from Cota Rica
#18 Andrea Gavelli : offensive cutter who play with heart and a lot of passion, and a good thrower also from Cota
#12 Davide Morri: physical defender from CUSB Bologna
#2 Matteo Ercoli: fastest player of the team from Firenze
#55 Andrea Ciavatti. "The Brain" is anamazing defender form Cota
#53 Matteo Mambelli. fast and furious cutter from Cota
#5 Andrea Dal Fiume: solid offensive player from Imola/Cota

The "heart" of the team comes from Cotarica's Silver Winner at Paga2011, the rest from the best italian teams (Bologna, Firenze).
We did not have much time to practice all together, but we hope to play a good tournament on the beach. Our pool isn't easy and we will need to enter with our mind (and legs) since Sunday's game "into" the Worlds.

Cota Rica won Paganello in 2008 and both Cota and CUSB Bologna made semifinals at Paganello in 2011 with Cota taking home the Silver Medal.

WCBU 2011 roster:

Name Games Passes Goals Tot.
#32 Andrea Calanca116915
#55 Andrea Ciavatti11448
#5 Andrea Dalfiume1181725
#18 Andrea Gavelli11151328
#1 Andrea Mengoli1111112
#54 Andrea Pagano1161420
#12 Davide Morri1116824
#72 Eugenio Gegè Festa9000
#15 Fabio Galli11000
#99 Giacomo Acquaviva11415
#35 Giacomo Padovani1110414
#31 Lorenzo Gorini11437
#38 Luca Guaitoli11112
#13 Massimiliano Vitali11314
#53 Matteo "Mambo" Mambelli1161218
#7 Matteo Casone6000
#2 Matteo Ercoli11191332
#51 Michele Gnudi118210
#27 Milos Marchioni11112
#69 Tommaso Francini11314

WCBU 2011:

Division: Open

Philippines - Italy 9 - 12  Game play
Italy - Currier Island 13 - 2  Game play
Italy - Belgium 12 - 11  Game play
Italy - Ireland 13 - 0  Game play
France - Italy 7 - 12  Game play
India - Italy 2 - 13  Game play
Italy - United States 12 - 10  Game play
Germany - Italy 13 - 8  Game play
Italy - Austria 12 - 9  Game play
Italy - Philippines 4 - 13  Game play
Switzerland - Italy 12 - 6 Bronze  Game play


Event type Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
beach118372.7 %11710.6888.029
Total118372.7 %11710.6888.029
Event Division Pos. Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
WCBU 2011Open4118372.7%11710.6888.029