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Finland (women)


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Coach:Minsu & Suvi
UNIFORM COLORS: Dark blue and white

You should not underestimate any of these women. Keep this advice in mind especially outside the fields!

Watch out for Henna Tanskanen (8) and Pirjo Hästbacka (2). They cut so fast that their defenders won’t know where they are. Many times it’s challenging even for their own teammates.

Jenni Oksanen (4) might seem quite harmless with her beautiful, innocent smile but ones she’s on the field, you can expect her team to score.

God sent us Csilla Aranka Furka (62) from Hungary. Ever since she moved to Finland she’s been eating porridge for breakfast. She´s always breathing down your neck on D ready to dive and won’t rest until her team has scored.

On D, Hanna Öunap (#7) and Marja Elonheimo (19) are like an old married couple. They always know where the other one is, talk all the time and swap defendants frequently.

Milla Mantere (18) is one of those who perform better the tougher the games get. She’s fearless.

When it comes to beach tournaments, Minsu Rauramo (23) and Suvi Kajamaa (51) are by far the most experienced on the team. After having played with several different teams through the years, they decided that this time they will put together a Finnish team to the WCBU!

Minsu is responsible for the coaching and tactics. Suvi is the manager, full of crazy ideas.

We are rookies!!

In 2004, Csilla played for the Hungarian mixed team, whereas Suvi and Minsu played for the International women’s team. In 2007, Minsu played for the Mixed Peace Team.

The relaxed atmosphere and the cold beer. Oh, and it´s perfect for diving.

To play beach ultimate in Finland is more or less like playing ice hockey in Africa. We have a very, very, veeeeery long winter. By the end of May the sand will slowly start to be soft enough to play on but is still freezing cold. You have to love the sport and be half insane to practice it here. And believe us, we are!

Do you want to know more? Visit and like our Facebook page “Beach Ultimate, Finnish National Team 2011”!!
Many of these women play for “Maitotytöt” in Paganello. The team has participated 10 times, made it to the finals several times and even won the whole tournament despite of the tough partying.

One day Suvi said “We need to promote the sport” - guess what she did? She managed to reserve the main square in the centre of Helsinki on a Saturday, she got a company to transport tons of sand there, she bribed some constructor workers to smooth the pitch with their shovel loader and she managed to get the city to collect the sand afterwards. It was an awesome day of beach ultimate games, good music, lots of audience and nice weather! As a bonus, both Minsu and Suvi had some prime time on the national TV.
Team pages:
homepage Finnish Beach Ultimate Facebook Page

WCBU 2011 roster:

Name Games Passes Goals Tot.
#15 Anna Palojärvi11156
#26 Anna-Kaisa Antinoja1261117
#21 Anna-Kaisa Karessuo124913
#62 Csilla Furka1281119
#53 Essi Inkinen119211
#7 Hanna Öunap12161026
#20 Heidi Pekkola112911
#6 Henna Lehtonen11235
#8 Henna Tanskanen1214418
#4 Jenni Oksanen12101424
#29 Maija Leino12279
#39 Marina Kuusivaara951015
#19 Marja Elonheimo1210111
#18 Milla Mantere12538
#23 Minsu Rauramo1210919
#2 Pirjo Hästbacka1211617
#45 Suvi Kajamaa12134

WCBU 2011:

Division: Women

Finland - Switzerland 11 - 8  Game play
Australia - Finland 4 - 13  Game play
Finland - United States 2 - 13  Game play
Finland - Belgium 10 - 7  Game play
France - Finland 8 - 13  Game play
Spain - Finland 8 - 9  Game play
Japan - Finland 6 - 12  Game play
Great Britain - Finland 13 - 7  Game play
Finland - Germany 8 - 9  Game play
Finland - Canada 8 - 12  Game play
Finland - France 12 - 5  Game play
Finland - Australia 12 - 7 5th  Game play


Event type Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
beach128466.7 %1179.81008.317
Total128466.7 %1179.81008.317
Event Division Pos. Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
WCBU 2011Women5128466.7%1179.81008.317